Town of Newburgh Mailbox Repair Policy

The Town of Newburgh Highway Department will repair or replace mailboxes damaged by highway snow removal operations provided the mailboxes meet the following criteria:

  • The mailbox was installed and maintained according to United States Postal Department standards.
  • The mailbox, supports, and post are of sound structural condition to withstand winter snow removal operations.
  • Upon inspection by the Highway Superintendent, or his designee, the town plow or wing did in fact make contact with the mailbox or the support and the movement of snow did not cause the damage.
  • The homeowners or residents have made a diligent effort to delineate or otherwise mark and keep mailbox area cleared of snow to make the mailbox visible and to insure that private plow operators have not caused the damage.

Homeowners or residents must make their complaints to the Highway Department within 48 hours of the damage occurring by telephoning 561-2177.  Reports of damage received after that time must include an explanation for the delay and will be considered on a case by case basis.

In the event the mailbox meets the above criteria in the opinion of the Highway Superintendent or his designee, the Town Highway Department will make necessary repairs as follows:

  • A basic standard size steel mailbox will be provided.
  • A standard 4” x 4” post and support will be used in any repair or replacement.
  • Temporary repairs may be made during the winter until permanent replacement or repairs can be made in the spring.

If a decorator type mailbox and/or post is damaged and requires replacement, the Highway Department will reimburse the resident for the cost of materials for the standard steel type mailbox and post previously referenced and it shall be the responsibility of the resident to purchase and install the decorator mailbox and post.  The reimbursement will in no event exceed $50.00.  Homeowners should consider replacing their decorator mailboxes with standard mailboxes during the winter months

The decision to repair or replace a mailbox and/or support system rests solely with the Highway Superintendent or his designee.

Best wishes for safe travel through the winter season from all of us at the Town of Newburgh Highway Department


Complainant Name:_______________________________________________________

Mailbox Address:_________________________________________________________

Date/Time Damage

Alleged to have

Occurred:__________________/_______________/_________       _______ A.M./P.M.

Date/Time Complaint

Received:_________________/_______________/__________       ________A.M./P.M.

Explanation if after

48 hours:________________________________________________________________


Initials of Employee receiving complaint:  ______________


Inspection Date/Time:________/____________/____________         ________A.M./P.M.

Determination:              ______________        Repair

                                                ______________        Don’t Repair

                                                Reason for denial:________________________________


Initials of Highway Superintendent or Designee:___________________


Date Repair/Replacement Performed: _____________/______________/____________


                                                ______________       Permanent Repair/Replacement

                                                ______________       Temporary Repair Until Spring/Thaw

Initials of Employee Completing Repair/Replacement:_________________

OR     Date and amount of payment for

            Decorator type mailbox/post:       _______/________/_______           $___________

Initials of Highway Superintendent:_____________________