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Town of Newburgh Comprehensive Plan

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What is a Comprehensive Plan?

A Comprehensive Plan establishes a community’s long-term vision, goals/objectives, strategies and policies for guiding future public and private development. It guides future land use decisions and capital investment and budgeting. A Comprehensive Plan typically includes background information on the municipality’s past and discussion of current issues and trends which will affect the future. It is intended to serve as a roadmap for Town development for the foreseeable future. It will identify action items that the town can act on in short term, intermediate and long term time frames.

The Town of Newburgh’s Comprehensive Plan Update has focused on three main areas: transportation; infrastructure and utilities; and, planning and zoning. The Plan will also be instrumental in establishing direction for planning issues like protecting drinking water, conserving and facilitating agriculture use and advancing desirable patterns of building and development by refining zoning and land use regulations, while identifying critical infrastructure needs.

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