The Town of Newburgh Police Department Tactical Unit was established to provide a highly trained, tactical response  capability to be utilized in support of traditional law enforcement operations.  The ultimate goal is always the protection and preservation of life.

Conceived and formed in the late 1980's, the TNPD Tactical Unit strives to maintain a constant state of readiness through regular training, equipment upgrades and most importantly, the dedication of the officers assigned to the team . This assignment is voluntary and requires the highest levels of professionalism in order to make the team the success it is.

The unit is comprised of three different components. The crisis negotiators are trained to assist the effort through the art of communication. The snipers are trained observers as well as expert marksmen and provide vital intelligence as well as long-range protection to the operators on the ground. The tactical team has the responsibility of using the information available to formulate an appropriate response in an attempt to reach successful resolutions to various situations. All three elements are under the direct supervision of a Tactical Operations Commander who oversees training and preparation as well as serving as an on-scene unit coordinator.

Our dedication through the years and our affiliations with other units has earned us the reputation of professionalism we currently enjoy. Our proudest moment came when we were asked to assist in both providing security as well as tactical response capability to Stewart International Airport and the 105th Stewart Air National Guard Unit in response to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. It is our honor to serve the Town of Newburgh Police Department and most importantly the citizens of the Town of Newburgh.

                                                         Lt. James Nenni


Members of the TNPD Tactical Unit performing a "hostage rescue" drill.