Town of Newburgh
Accounting Office
1496 Route 300
Newburgh, New York 12550
845 564-5220

Ronald Clum, Town Accountant

The Accounting Department is responsible for monitoring and reporting the Financial Health of the Town of Newburgh.  The competent staff includes two full time employees and one part time employee all of which have been with the Town for many years.  The Town’s finances is broken down into 11 funds: General, Highway, Water, Sewer (which has 10 districts), Drainage, Lighting (which has 5 districts), Debt Service, Capital Projects (the Town has approximately 20 open Capital Projects), Trust & Agency (comprised of 12 Trust & Agency accounts), Long-Term Debt and Fixed Asset Account Group. 

We prepare the Financial Statements of the Town for the Comptrollers office and the Independent Auditors.  The Town is audited on an annual basis by Independent Auditors.  The Town is also periodically audited by the State Comptrollers Office.

Our Department is responsible for the Cash Management and Investments of the Town.  We also obtain and manage all the Debt issues of the Town.

We manage the accounts payables for the Town. We process over 6,000 vouchers annually.  Our department carefully reviews all vouchers to assure compliance with Town and State policies and laws. Generally, there are two audit meetings a month where vouchers are approved the Town Board for payment.  See Town Board schedule for a list of Audit meetings.  Checks are normally mailed to venders two days after the audit meetings. 

The Accounting Department also prepares the weekly payroll for Town Employees. There are approximately 220 employees in the Town. 

Additionally, we assist the Town Board in preparing and monitoring the $30M+ Annual Budget.  The budget process begins in August and ends in November.