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Town Council

Betty Greene
Betty Greene

Town of Newburgh
1496 Route 300
Newburgh, New York 12550
845 564-4552

Betty Greene began her term in 2006 and was re elected in 2010.

Betty is Married to Don Greene with two grown children Daughter Mary Beth and son Dominick.

Betty has served the Town as Receiver of Taxes for 28 years.

Betty has served as President of NYS Receiver of Taxes and Collectors Association.

President, Orange County Receiver and Collectors Association.

Vice-President of the New York State Association of Towns.

Former President Leptondale Elementary School Parents and Teachers Organization.

Betty is a 25 year member of Cronomer Valley Fire Department ladies Auxiliary.

Member, Association of Towns Rules and Regulations Committee.

Betty will make a outstanding addition to our Town Government.

Betty is quoted as stating:

“I believe that good planning is the key to achieving success in government and serving the interests of our residents and taxpayers. Town government must be efficient and effective"