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Release Date: November 17, 2023






PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that there has been introduced before the Town Board of the Town of Newburgh in the County of Orange and State of New York on November 13, 2023, Introductory Local Law No. _8_ of the Year 2023 entitled "A Local Law Amending Chapter 104 Entitled ‘Schedule of Fees’ of the Code of the Town of Newburgh: Water and Sewer Rates Effective January 1, 2024” the effect of which is to amend the provisions of the Municipal Code’s Schedule of Fees Chapter so as to provide for modifications to the fees for the following effective January 1, 2024: water meter rates for water consumers for metered gallons of water will be the following: for the first 7,500 gallons: $26.00 (minimum charge per quarter); for the next 10,000 : $4.96 per 1,000, for the next 82,500: $5.68 per 1,000, and for over 100,000 gallons: $6.74 per 1,000 gallons, delivered per quarter.  Water rates for the Stewart ANG Base Water District will be established by the Town Board from time to time in accordance with New York State Town Law Section 198 and unpaid charges in arrears will be subject to penalty as the Town Board may provide by resolution  The Local Law also modifies the sewer operation and maintenance charges for Sewer Districts in accordance with the approved annual budgets per the following schedule:  Crossroads Consolidated Sewer District: $6.94/1,000 gallons of water consumed per premises and Nob Hill: $0.00880/gallon.  $36.00 remains specified as the minimum sewer operating and maintenance charge per quarter.  For the Rosteon Hills Sewer District the Combined Operation and Maintenance and Facility Charge is increased to $162.50 per each residential dwelling unit, whether an apartment or a condominium unit, on each parcel as listed on the latest completed Assessment Roll of the Town per quarter.  


PLEASE TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that pursuant to Section Twenty of the Municipal Home Rule Law, a public hearing will be held on the aforesaid proposed Local Law before the Town Board of the Town of Newburgh at the Town Hall at 1496 Route 300 in the Town of Newburgh, New York at 7:15 o'clock p.m. on December 11, 2023 at which time all interested parties will be heard.  The Town of Newburgh provides reasonable accommodations for the disabled. Disabled individuals who need assistance in order to participate should contact the Town Clerk’s office at (845) 564-4554.  Advance notice is requested


Dated: November 17, 2023


Lisa M. Vance Ayers

Town Clerk, Town of Newburgh