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Release Date: October 20, 2022





PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that on the 11th day of October, 2022, the Town Board of the Town of Newburgh in the County of Orange, State of New York, adopted Local Law No. _5_ of 2022 entitled “A Local Law Amending Sections 166-5 and 166-19 of Chapter 166 entitled ‘Taxation’ of the Code of the Town of Newburgh:  Exemptions for Persons Sixty-Five Years of Age or Over and for Persons with a Disability””   The purpose and effect of the local law are to raise the qualifying annual income levels for persons sixty-five years of age or over and for persons with a disability for exemption from taxation by the Town of Newburgh to the maximum extent permitted under New York State Law Real Property Tax Law.   The Local Law contains schedules setting forth the maximum annual income levels and the percentages of assessed valuation exempt from taxation, with an annual income of $50,000 or less qualifying for a 50% exemption and the percentage exemptions reduced in 5% increments thereafter as income levels rise in accordance with State law, up to a maximum income of $58,399, which qualifies for a 5% exemption in assessed valuation.  The increased annual income levels for exemptions will apply to town property taxes based upon the assessed valuations for the March 1, 2023 taxable status date and thereafter.      



A public hearing on the adoption of this Local Law was held on the 11th day of October, 2022. The Town Board has classified the proposed adoption of the Local Law as a Type II Action under New York State Department of Environmental Conservation’s regulations under the State Environmental Quality Review Act, which regulations state that Type Il Actions will not have any significant adverse impact on the environment.  The Town Board has determined it is in the best interest of the Town to adopt this Local Law.


Dated: October 19, 2022


Lisa M. Vance Ayers

Town Clerk, Town of Newburgh