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News & Announcements


Release Date: October 01, 2019

The Town of Newburgh is pleased to announce plans to increase filmmaking in the Town.  Deputy Supervisor Scott Manley, who is also a Town Councilmember, is coordinating with the managing partners at Choice Films at Umbra Stages to bring film and television production work to the Town.


Only 60 miles north of New York City and 90 miles south of Albany, the Town of Newburgh is known as the Crossroads of the Northeast and is an ideal place to film movies and conduct television production work.  It is a composite of diverse residents with shared interests; picturesque locations, such as the Chadwick Lake and Cronomer Hill Parks; and, brave men and women who safeguard our community.  These attributes make the Town of Newburgh home to over 30,000 residents.


Film and television production work has been on the rise in the Hudson Valley due to the 40% New York State Film Production Tax Credit, and the region is nicknamed “Hollywood on the Hudson” with the hashtag #FilmNewburgh.  The Town of Newburgh seeks to benefit from the increase in local jobs and production-related spending that will result from the rise in film and television production work.  Like the City of Forks in the Twilight Triology, the Town of Newburgh will benefit from this publicity.


Town of Newburgh Supervisor Gil Piaquadio, welcomes film and television production work in the Town.  Supervisor Piaquadio considers the Town of Newburgh a “film-friendly” Town, and looks forward to benefitting from all that the film industry has to offer.


Please contact Choice Films at Umbra Stages at (845) 670-7493 or to list film-friendly locations, provide information for a preferred vendor, or for inquiries.



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